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"I'd have been a corpse wagon driver. I've always wanted to work in human resources."

Well, a good evening (o'er here) to you all! We must begin to thank you for all the great reading we got to do, of all your choices of different professions, and reason behind them. We had many a laugh indeed. But one got us giggling a little more than the rest, and that is the comment above made by Nick Jenkinson.

Congratulations Nick! You are the winner of a hoodie! You should have gotten a PM with further details.

To all else, thank you for all your responses, and we will have more contests in the future and we wish you the best of luck in them, but for now, let's all give some love to Nick and his to-the-point and funny comment!

Good night, and see you soon!

(The most fitting image is a small part of the great painting 'The Triumph of Death' (ca 1562) created by Pieter Brueghel the Elder.)
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Goats be praised! It seems you've apparently quit your day jobs to sit down permanently and watch our music video... 5.000.000 times! That's crazy!

We are beyond humbled and thankful for this, and therefore we want to offer our appreciation with a few small gestures.

Firstly, we have a small give away contest. Here's how to participate: Like/follow our page (if you haven't already), then answer us this in the comments below - WHAT would be your medieval profession, and WHY?

The most creative answer will recieve a free color print hoodie! You have until saturday to give us your answer, we pick a winner on sunday and announce whom that is on monday.

Secondly, we offer 20% discount on all merchandise purchases from our merch shop. The discount is valid until midnight on sunday March 17th (CET+1 time). The discount is subtracted at the checkout. Follow this link:

And finally, our label Despotz are offering the same 20% discount on our physical albums on Big Cartel, and on digital albums on Bandcamp, during the same time period. Follow either of these links:

Thank you again, we love you all, please share, and may the best rant win!
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Well, hello there, and a great tuesday to you all. Glad you liked the little bagpipe video, we thank you!

Also, here are even more photos from WWN, this time courtesy of Holger Bär / Alldark-foto.
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