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Sometimes people ask us about our inspirations. One inexhaustible source is a book called “Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus” (History of the northern people) written in 1555 by the exiled former Swedish arch bishop Olaus Magnus. This book, or collection of books if you will, contains a treasure trove of weird facts, instructions and traditions.

A few examples:
• Book 1, chapter 23: The building of snow fortresses.
• Book 2, chapter 3: Regarding ghostlike shadows of persons drowned at sea.
• Book 3, chapter 11: Regarding night time dancing with faeries i.e. ghosts.
• Book 5, chapter 16: How to kill a bear and the drinking of its blood.
• Book 5, chapter 30: War waged by famous women.
• Book 8, chapter 17: Regarding certain sinister horses.
• Book 8, chapter 29: About evil advisors to underage princes.
• Book 13, chapter 28: How to brew beer.
• Book 15, chapter 20: Regarding tourneys between cross eyed and one eyed participants.
• Book 18, chapter 18: More about squirrels and their ability to foresee the future.

What are your thoughts about scandinavian medieval times?
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Well hello there mummers, thimbleriggers, sextons, fishmongers and all you others! We just wanted you to know we are editing a forthcomming video. That's all.

Oh, and also, we say welcome to lovely October!
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